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We have a multi-cultural and a multi-lingual group of individuals that are confidently able to deliver a memorable experience. Our team has grown over the years in both numbers and versatility in meeting our customers’ requirements.

The people at Alpine are handpicked for their passionate attitudes in working with our customers. Coupled with their flexibility, it allows us to offer unconventional programs, unusual ideas and individual solutions so that we confidently deliver the best Malta has to offer.

Here is an introduction given by the Boss (Tall guy in the middle) about the Alpine Team from left to right:

Christopher Brown – Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, he is the creative one. He heads up the marketing and design section of the company. Whenever our clients ask us to turn around a quick design or marketing idea, Chris is the man to get it done. In his spare time he also freelances as a mobile DJ helping out with some of the events we do. He's been with the company since Jan 2006 and is the one that is always smiling no matter how busy it gets. 

Antje Flauss – Originally from Berlin, Antje came to us by accident really, as she asked me for help to see if she could move to Malta to improve her English and have a new life style, she sent me a CV and we met, the rest is history... one word which would sum up Antje is efficient, she loves the Maltese islands and is always finding special things and places to include in our programmes. She has been with us now for over 6 years and may it long continue. Oh and finally she speaks German as her mother tongue and English too.

Kirsten Cassar – Kirsten chose to work in tourism as she thrives on meeting and dealing with people, she has a passion for Malta and its Heritage and Culture. Though born in Malta, she is half German and speaks the language fluently along with English, Italian and Maltese. She is a great person to have in our team,  she says that we have  a wicked sense of humour and made her feel welcome from her first day at Alpine Sterling, we feel all the richer for having her with us.

Larissa Bersan – Originally from Italy, Larissa works in our accounts department. She's being with the company almost 3 years now and is one of the pillars in keeping all the financial things in check. Currently studying Accounting and Economics at the University of Bologna for last 2 years. She loves traveling and been to Budapest, Brussels, Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, Russia, Kazakstan and Ukraine, so she definitely is a global trotter. Her passion is Rock music but you'd never say that because she looks just like an angel.

Debbie Zahra – Apart from being one of the most efficient and practical people I have ever known, she must be patient and have a sense of humour because she agreed to marry the tall guy smaller head above.. she will also confirm I eat too much.... in the meantime, Debbie is Maltese born and bred, works on presentations and operations and speaks Maltese, English and also Italian and some French.. she has been working at Alpine in groups for I’d say 10 years nows. 

Warren Zahra - A bit about me, well I was born and bred in London of Maltese parents and lived there until the 29, I came to Malta to join the family business in 1994 and I have never looked back since.... what I can say is that I came to Malta thinking it would make a nice change to have a Mediterranean life style, however it seems I brought my London habits to Malta, never had a siesta in 20 years of being here!!! Seriously though, my life has been a very happy one here, I have a great team, great suppliers and of course a great family, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Emma Mcfarlane – Emma is originally from Suffolk, New Market in the UK.

Guy Bonello – Guy is originally from Yorkshire in the UK.

Mary Grace Lynch – MG as I like to call her has been with Alpine Sterling since 2006, initially joining us as a resort manager for our leisure side of the business, today she is responsible for our Youth Sport and Performance group tours as well as special interest and leisure, if you need something fixed quickly she is the one to get it done, she has a lot of energy and is a great member of our team.

Betthina Pace – Betthina is orginally from Denmark.

At the time of taking this photo the following members were not able to be in the Team Picture but this will be resolved soon

Jacqueline Zahra – Another Zahra has joined the Alpine team ! Jacqueline Zahra, originally from Brussels, half Belgian, half Scottish, speaks French and English fluently. Jacqueline joined the team in February 2014, after having spent decades ….in the tourism industry, mostly in Malta but also in Belgium and in London. She works in our marketing department here at Alpine Sterling. In her leisure time, she loves doing Pilates and dancing !

Josie Zahra – Originally born and bred in Malta. Josie is the head of our Accounts department.

John Lebiere – Originally from Belgium. He is the newest member of our team and will be in charge of looking after all the French Corporate clients.

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