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Malta has been hosting overseas visitors throughout its history, earning a reputation for its hospitality. Being in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a geographical hub for tourism, culture and trade.

The Country

The island is a sovereign republic forming part of the European Union. Being just over 300 square kilometres, it hosts a population of over 400,000. The vast majority of the population is of Maltese nationality, where the official and most widely spoken languages are Maltese and English. The economy is built around the service industry where its flexible human resources offer great value add to a wide range of industries.

Its Historic Value

Malta has an extensive history influenced by the Romans, Greeks, Arabs, French, Spanish, Knights of Saint John and the British. These civilisations not only left their mark on our culture but formed the foundations for our islands’ trade, hospitality and business acumen. Our harbours offer a safe haven for trade ships as well as making Malta a bedrock for industries to flourish.


The Maltese lifestyle is the island’s greatest strength as it offers a way of life unmatched by other nations in the region. Whilst still retaining its Mediterranean identity, the influences of its history still provide the country with a balanced, serene and passionate lifestyle. With a combination of picturesque landscapes, diverse culinary flavours and all the modern urban facilities, the island will go a long way for you to fulfil your senses.

Here is a live webcam from Malta


St. Julian's live cam
Splendid view of St. Julian's and Spinola Bay

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St. George's Beach Live Webcam

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