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We take pride in being passionate about Malta and Gozo extensive history. The islands were visited, occupied and made home by almost all the major powers of the Mediterranean. All these visitors influenced the islands’ culture and influenced the modern day lifestyle. Alpine Sterling organises specialised events that allow its customers to taste the island’s outstanding cultural heritage.

Cultural Events

Malta and Gozo are littered with locations, buildings and sites of cultural and historic importance. Our events can help you relive the ages of the Knights, watch re-enacted British military parades and let go to the religious feasts of modern day Malta. We make sure than when organising such events, you are provided with tailor made programmes so your experience of Malta will be historic.

Special Interests

Alpine Sterling are able to come up with innovative ideas whilst allowing us to handle every aspect of your events.  We are completely confident in our approach thanks to strong connection with all of our resources. Apart from the more historic events we also invite you to opt for land adventures, aerial sceneries and diving into the rich Mediterranean Sea.


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